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Puppet shows return for children’s entertainment

Amid the bustle of the De La Salle Square in Daher, a small cart covered with green curtains was placed. Knowing what will come, the children immediately gathered before it. 
Minutes later, the curtain was opened and the famous puppet clown with his red fez and stick appeared for the show to begin.
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The street puppet show is a heritage that the Al-Kosha troupe is trying to revive.
“Don’t look Lulu” was the title of the show in Daher. “We chose this title because it is easy for the children to remember,” said Nassef Azmy, the founder of the troupe.
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“This is the third time the show has been performed,” says Azmy. “We aim to present a traditional art to take the kids away from the Internet for a change.”
“The clown speaks in a funny way that is difficult to understand,” he says. “But amazingly, the children do understand him.”
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“The show attracts the kids,” he says. “They never want to go home when their parents call them. So the parents join them and enjoy the show with them.”
“Audiences of the theater get dressed and go buy a ticket to watch a play. They may leave if they do not like the show,” he says. “But the audiences of the street puppet show are spontaneous. And they do not leave.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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