Sabbahi collects 30,000 endorsements in the last 72 hours

The campaign of presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi managed to collect the required 30,000 endorsements in the last 72 hours before the application deadline.

Campaign member Hamid Gabr said the endorsements were collected from 18 governorates, which is three governorates more than the required minimum. “We may even collect more than that,” he said.
He explained that Sabbahi’s supporters thought he already collected the required figure. “That’s why they stopped,” he said. “But collection resumed again.”
Sabbahi met on Wednesday with delegates from the National Council for Women, people with special needs and Marsa Matrouh chieftains, who handed over more endorsements.
He promised to appoint a special needs adviser to ensure the rights guaranteed by the Constitution to people with special needs and enable them to participate in political life.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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