15 Sinai Bedouin released by security

Security authorities released 15 Bedouin from North Sinai today, in accordance with a promise made by the Interior Ministry.

Senior security officials reported that the Interior Ministry has finished examining the files of the 15 detainees, who were kept in prisons all over the country. The men were brought this morning to the State Security headquarters in el-Arish to complete their release procedure.

A feeling of relief predominated Bedouin communities in Sinai when they learned that the ministry kept its word.

Interior Minister Habib el-Adly had pledged earlier to release the detainees and ease security restrictions at Sinai crossings.

The ministry is currently reviewing the status of other detainees expected to be freed, after their release was promised by el-Adly during a meeting with MPs and tribesmen from the province.

The ministry called upon Sinai residents to ignore provocations by individuals who “spread false information about conditions in the region.” It also demanded that residents do not hinder state efforts to maintain stability and security in such a strategic part of the country.

Translated rom the Arabic Edition.

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