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Alexandria’s only Jewish monument eyed for restoration

Authorities in Alexandria are preparing plans for the restoration of the city’s only Jewish monument.

The synagogue on Nabi Daniel street is one of Egypt’s most important Jewish historical sites.

The scheme will be carried out by Cairo University’s Center for Antiquities and Environment Studies, with the assistance of various experts.

Ali Hilal, project manager at the Supreme Council for Antiquities, said it is among the most notable current preservation plans for Egyptian monuments. Pointing out that the building is the only Jewish monument in Alexandria, he said there are eleven other sites spread throughout country.

Hilal unveiled a plan to renovate all Egyptian Jewish monuments, considering them a part of Egypt’s heritage.

Nabi Daniel street is in downtown Alexandria, one of the area’s richest historical sites. It an open area where visitors can revisit the city’s different eras: Pharaonic, Ptolemic, Greek, Islamic, and Jewish.