Morsy in statement read by lawyers insists ouster was coup

Defense lawyers representing toppled president Mohamed Morsy read out Wednesday a statement he made to Egyptians from detention, the first since his chaotic trial last week.
"Honorable people, I had the chance to put you in the picture of what has happened since 30 June until now," Morsy said at the opening of the statement, read out by defense spokesperson Mohamed al-Damaty in a press conference in Cairo's up-scale Garden City.
“What happened was a full, visible military coup," he continued. "To achieve stability for the nation and reconciliation between its sons, people should recognize that the coup was a crime, a treason." Morsy accused Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of dishonoring the pledge he made upon his appointment.
“Egypt will not restore its power unless the coup is reversed, its consequences are removed and those who shed precious blood are held accountable."
Morsy revealed he was taken to the Republican Guard House in Cairo on 2 July, a day before his removal, and was transferred a few days later to a naval base where, he says, met with EU top diplomat Catherine Ashton, African Union officials and investigators whom, he said, declined to give answers to their questions because they were “unconstitutional."
“My first meeting with people other than those was on 4 November, with lawyers at the Police Academy. I declared that I do not recognize the court," the former president said, claiming he had not met with any military leader or media reporter. “Anything attributed to me in that respect is untrue."
Morsy hailed daily protests demanding his reinstatement. “I assure the heroes who stick to their stance that I gain my adamance from their power and will," Morsy added, saying that he believes “the coup is starting to, and will, collapse against the resistance of the Egyptian people."
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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