Muslim Brotherhood issues “Coexistence Document” in Britain

The international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) published on Sunday a document entitled the "Coexistence Document" with others, four days after the terrorist attack in London that killed four people.

The organization said in a statement issued by the Muslim Brotherhood office in London that the group aims at peaceful coexistence within a pluralistic society; and does not seek to impose its control or ideas.

A dissident front from the Muslim Brotherhood group, mostly from MB youth, announced earlier this year that it will be issuing reviews examining mistakes made by the group and that it will be announcing the results to the public.

The announcement led to more divisions within the group, prompting the international organization to hold a meeting in London, and prompting it to innitiate investigations with the members of that front, which took decisions without refering to its leadership. Other leaders within organization announced solidarity with the initiative.

Talaat Fahmy, the media spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood, said that the group and its various institutions have not issued any papers on the review or evaluation of the decisions taken by the group; explaining that the aim of the statements was to divide the organization.

Ibrahim Mounir, secretary of the international organization, said that differences in the mechanisms of administration are normal within any group, stressing that Mahmoud Ezzat is the sole official for administration in the Muslim Brotherhood, and that all the data that go out without his reference do not express the group's opinion.

However the Brotherhood leader Hamza Zobaa announced his support for the intellectual reviews published by the Brotherhood's youth on social networking sites. "The mistakes of the past must be admitted," he said.

Sources in the MB said that Yusuf al-Qaradawi, head of the so-called International Federation of Muslim Scholars, called on the leaders of the group to listen to the initiative of the Brotherhood's youth front, stressing the necessity of carrying out intellectual reviews within the group.



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