No tsunami predicted in Egypt due to receding sea water: official

Amr Zakaria, head of the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, denied rumors of a tsunami in Egypt.

He also said that the receding water levels does not mean a tsunami was about to happen.

“The decline in sea levels does not constitute damage to the Egyptian shores,” he said.

“A tsunami will not happen due to the decline of sea levels in Egypt. ”

Zakaria said, in a telephone conversation with journalist Rami Radwan, on the “Masa’a dmc” program, broadcast on the dmc channel.

“The decline in sea water in Egypt has absolutely nothing to do with the earthquake in Turkey,” he added.

Zakaria explained that the sea water level will return to normal again on February 27, pointing out that the decline in sea water level is caused by the effect of an increase in atmospheric pressure on the region.

Circulated news during the past days about the significant receding of sea water levels at some beaches alleged that this predicted the occurrence of a tsunami.

The Media Center of the cabinet contacted the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, which denied these reports, stressing it was untrue that receding sea water at some of the beaches predicted the occurrence of a tsunami.

The cabinet Media Center stated that the decrease in the water level in those beaches has absolutely nothing to do with the occurrence of a tsunami, as this matter is a natural phenomenon that occurs periodically, and is linked to the tidal movement.

Stations monitoring the movement of water in the seas have detected a decrease in the water level on those beaches, and the level will rise again at a specified date naturally.

Social media users circulated pictures. 

These images showed receding water levels of the beach of the city of Arish, located on the Mediterranean coast, in North Sinai Governorate, and a number of other beaches in the governorate.

They circulated publications state that this decline in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea in a number of countries, including Turkey, Palestine and Syria, by 150 to 200 meters, and the disappearance of water from the beaches of some cities such as the Palestinian city of Acre, and many beaches overlooking the Mediterranean, including Arish, predicted a tsunami.

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