Pharaonic statue discovered in Luxor

A royal statue of black granite was discovered at the city of Armant in Luxor, said Antiquities Minister Mohammed Ibrahim Ali.

The 125-cm statue was discovered by a French team operating at the Temple of the god Montu in Armant, headed by Christophe Thiers.

Ali said that the statue could belong to the pharaonic modern state era, citing its technical features and the way it is sculptured.  The statue depicts the king standing with his hand on his sides, wearing a short kilt.

The minister ordered the statue to be moved to museum storage in preparation for documentation and storage.

He also ordered the completion of work on this site in hope of finding the rest of the statue.

The Armant area comprises the famous temple, which was dedicated to the worship of the god of war, Montu.

The temple was first established in the era of the Middle Kingdom, but has seen many additions in the Pharaonic and Ptolemaic eras.

Edited translation from MENA

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