Police group accuses some Interior Ministry leaders of spurring unrest

Some Interior Ministry figures from ousted President Hosni Mubarak's regime have an interest in perpetuating chaos, a coalition of Egyptian policemen said on Wednesday.

Lieutenant Colonel Ashraf Mohamedein, spokesman for the Honorable Policeman group, warned that "the revolution has not succeeded."

"While the people who had mobilized the revolution are dividing, elements leading the counter-revolution are teaming up," Mohamedein said.

He said that while the revolution managed to remove "big corruptors," it failed to get rid of "minor ones," and that corruption is still rampant within the Interior Ministry.

Mohamedein said the group is preparing a list of allegedly corrupt police and officials and would pursue the truth despite potential consequences, such as members losing their jobs. 

"We are working to monitor our colleagues and will refer violators to the attorney general," he said.

Major Mohamed Salah, another group member, said he will never forget policemen beating protesters during the 25 January revolution, which he said helped him to discover the reality about Egypt’s people.

“We watched million-man demonstrations free of damage to properties. Not a single attack on a church was carried out despite the security absence," he said.

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