Revolutionary Youth Union to take part in demo planned for Friday

The Revolutionary Youth Union has announced its planned participation in Friday’s demonstration, which the union calls “The Friday of Handing Over Power,” but which the National Association for Change calls “The Friday of a Parliament without Former Regime Remnants.”

The union called on all citizens to participate in order to pressure the military council to hand over power to a civilian authority, especially given its failures during the transition period, in particular its unfulfilled promise to hand over power within six months.

Meanwhile, the Tagammu, the Communist, and the Reform and Development parties said they would not participate in the demonstration, saying the protest symbolizes Islamists’ intention to form a state within a state.

“Not participating does not mean we disagree on the objective,” said Anwar Esmat al-Sadat, president of the Reform and Development Party, while his deputy, Rami Lakah, said staging many demonstrations reduces their impact.

The Tagammu Party lashed out at the Islamists for objecting to the deputy prime minister’s constitutional principles document which reiterates the civil state and the transition of power. “Had they only objected to articles 9 and 10 that give the military exceptional powers, we would have stood by them,” the party said in a statement.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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