Twenty members of Wasat Party tender their resignations

Twenty members of the Wasat Party on Wednesday tendered their resignations in protest against the party leadership supporting Islamic thinker and presidential candidate Selim al-Awa without consulting the party’s members. Last month, another 15 members resigned for the same reason.

They claimed that Vice President Essam Sultan appointed his relatives to key positions within the party, and that he antagonized certain prominent political figures without justification, which affected the party’s credibility.

“This is not the moderate party that went down in the revolution,” said resigned member Mohamed Tolba Radwan. “It no longer reflects my political views, as it has turned into an Islamist institution.”

For his part, party spokesman Tarek al-Malt considered the resignations a healthy sign. “The leadership must not consult the members in everything,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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