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4 hours ago

US dollar records stable prices in Monday dealings

The US dollar exchange rate to Egyptian pounds almost leveled off at LE 17.61 for purchase and LE 17.71 for sale within banking dealings on Monday. According to last price updates, US dollar rates hit LE 17.63 for purchase and ... Read More

2 hours ago

Video: New documentary reveals secret of how ancient Egyptians built Pyramids

A new British documentary, Egypt’s Great Pyramid: The New Evidence, has revealed that the Great Pyramid, Khufu, was built using an intricate system of waterways which allowed thousands of workers to transport 170,000 tonnes of limestone in wooden boats along the ... Read More

4 hours ago

Music Syndicate bans Mashrou Leila from performing in Egypt over LGBT pride flag

The Music Syndicate has banned Mashrou’ Leila from performing in Egypt following Friday’s Music Park concert where a couple of rainbow flags were seen flying during the band’s performance in support of the LGBT community in Egypt. The Deputy of the ... Read More

5 hours ago

Life & Style
Azhar professor suggests imposing tax on dog owners

An Al-Azhar University professor said that the government should impose a tax on every person who owns a dog. Professor of Literature and Criticism Ghanim al-Saeed explained that European countries levy a tax on dogs, which is 120 euros for a ... Read More