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18 mins ago

U.S. lawmakers want to ban American tourists from North Korea

U.S. lawmakers are pushing for a ban on American tourists visiting North Korea. Two congressmen introduced a bill on Thursday that aims to cut off a source of foreign currency to Kim Jong Un’s government and prevent it from detaining ... Read More

3 days ago

Cairo lantern-maker champions old craft against Chinese imports

An Egyptian artisan who makes the traditional lanterns that adorn Middle Eastern streets during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan believes he has found a way to stop a flood of Chinese replicas and save his ancient craft. In his ... Read More

2 hours ago

Spanish mission discovers ancient granite threshold in Fayoum

The Spanish expedition of the Archaeological Museum of Madrid, working in Heracleopolis Magna in the town of Ehansia, Beni Sueif governorate, discovered a large threshold made of red granite while excavating in the Harshaf temple. The head of the Egyptian ... Read More

9 hours ago

Life & Style
Five tips to avoid gaining weight during Ramadan

Despite the long hours of fasting, which exceed 15 hours, most people suffer from gaining weight during Ramadan, which is blamed on the huge amounts of sugar and calorie-rich foods they consume. To stay away from weight gain in Ramadan, ... Read More