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10 hours ago

Kuwait, Bahrain lift ban on Egyptian agricultural exports

Minister of Agriculture, Abdel Moneim al-Banna, announced the temporary lifting of the ban on Egyptian agricultural exports of peppers, lettuce, guava and onions to Kuwait and Bahrain. He added that he will coordinate with the Kuwaiti trade minister next week ... Read More

13 hours ago

Egypt races against time to build biggest artefact museum in the world

The Egyptian Antiquities Ministry is currently intensifying its efforts to complete the transfer of antiquities from the Egyptian Museum located inside Tahrir square and other archeological locations to the Egyptian Grand Museum, which is still under construction. The Egyptian Antiquities ... Read More

7 hours ago

Video: Haifa Wahbe takes part in war video game

Lebanese actress and singer Haifa Wahbe published on her account on the social networking website Instagram, a teaser advertising her participation in an electronic game, where she was chosen as an official speaker. In the short video, Wahbe, dressed in ... Read More

2 days ago

Life & Style
First Armant dog breed competition in Egypt to be held October 28

The competition committee of the Dog Breeders Association in Egypt have organized the first specialized best-in-show competition for Armant dogs in Egypt. The competition will include 100 dogs of all ages, starting from three months, and take place on October 28, ... Read More