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21 hours ago

Social Solidarity Ministry to provide citizens with disabilities financial support

For the first time in Egypt, monetary support will be provided to people with disabilities, said Social Solidarity Minister Ghada Wali during the second day of the 4th Youth Conference, held in Alexandria. During the economic reform session of the ... Read More

40 mins ago

So long, Flash: Adobe will kill plug-in by 2020

Adobe software company on Tuesday said it plans to stop updating and distributing its Flash Media Player by the end of 2020. The plug-in was a pioneer in the early days of the Internet, allowing users to view rich content ... Read More

1 hour ago

New 'James Bond' movie announced

EON Productions, the British production company behind the franchise, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer announced on Monday that a James Bond film will be released in the United States on November 8, 2019. The new movie will be the 25th in the Bond ... Read More

2 hours ago

Life & Style
Arsenal to hold talks over £10 million el-Neny transfer

Arsenal club has requested £10 million to keep Egyptian midfielder Mohammed el-Neny in the current summer player transfers, UK newspaper the Sun reported Tuesday. The transfer price for 25-year-old el-Neny is non negotiable, Arsenal announced, after many clubs were willing to buy him this ... Read More